What We Do

Asset Management Services

Transaction Management & Management of On Lease Assets
  • We have a wide network of trusted partners we have worked with on successful transactions and can act fast and in a professional manner.
  • We can work with and manage lawyers, tax consultants, ferry flight companies and technical inspectors to ensure a successful transaction from origination to close and post-close.
  • Managing on-lease assets, verifying technical reports, utilization reports etc.
Aircraft and Engine Marketing and Origination
  • We have long-term relationships with lessors, banks and investors and thus have access to a wide variety of aircraft and engines for purchase.
  • Effective marketing, sales and lease placement of aircraft and engines
Aircraft Teardown Management & Parts Sales
  • Helping you secure the right aircraft teardown & parts storage facility
  • Securing the right consignment partner
  • Parts sales & parts packages sales to parts traders & MROs
Cargo Conversions
  • Aircraft origination
  • Project management

Aircraft Asset Finance

  • Debt & Equity financing¬†
  • Refinancing of on-lease assets
  • Project Finance

Why Us?

The ability to identify where we are in the market cycle and purchase the right assets for the current and for the next market trend.

The network to secure multiple assets not publicly advertised and to lease or trade them.

The Technical Knowledge To Understand What Asset Each Type Of Client Is Looking For (Risk Vs Cost).

The experience of knowing how to extract the most value out of an asset (lease, trade or part-out).

A worldwide network of independent technical experts available to inspect assets and ensure the assets are at maintained at the highest technical standards.

Aircraft Asset Finance
Debt & Equity financing
Refinancing of on-lease assets
Project Finance .

Project Finance Relationships To Fund Acquisitions And The Future Growth Of The Company.

Strong relationships with Engine shops and an ability to negotiate and sign consignment deals to sell parts from part-out engines.